Dar Al Arqum

For Quranic Studies for females, specializes in teaching the Holy Quran, though me.

Learning Begins With Us

We, at Dar Al Arqum offer supportive and inspirational environments for young enquiring minds to learn and grow with us. Our passion for learning means we achieve more than outstanding results. We strive to build confident and creative thinkers and aim at delivering an education that is truly relevant to their future.

We are an early learning academy focused on social-emotional development and early literacy and numeracy. Our students walk out with the character and confidence to make their mark in the world, equipped with the knowledge and real-world skills that take them way ahead in the industry they may serve.
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We aim at inspiring our students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective journeys of life.

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Curriculum Overview

At Dar Al Arqum, we want our students to have a good education with a variety of fun and interesting activities. This will help them be well-rounded and ready to enjoy their social and cultural experiences.

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Hifz Quran

Here any translation regarding hifz Course

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Dummy text for Dal Al Arqum, Giving wings to the studens who’d like to take it up as a career or just a hobby.

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The study of ancient and modern languages, philosophy, history, and more.

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Our Co-curricular Activities

Quran Seminar

Our students are passionate about reading Quran and tajweed and have the freedom to choose the one they like and wish to take up.

Tajweed Course

Here we can write any text about the tajweed Course

Performing Arts

With professionals on board, we take pride in training our students in art forms like painting and more.

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